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Home For The Holidays

What a long strange trip it’s been.

We are delighted to report our safe arrival back on the west coast of Canada.  Yes: it was raining as we approached Vancouver city limits.

We are thankful for the adventure that took us over 26,000 km. in our 32 year old truck. No air conditioning.  No cruise control.

From Vancouver to Cape Spear, Nfld., from Maine to Memphis, the Deep South, the Delta and the Coast we saw so many sights, met awesome people, stayed healthy, and explored the extremes of living small for six months (two people in a 19 foot truck).  Yowsa.

Thank you to all our friends who sent us encouraging messages on the road.

Merry Christmas to all our friends from Willy Blizzard.

Waiting For A Train Through A Northern Town

Parry Sound Train StationIs it possible, or desirable, to go back in time? This road trip is taking us to many interesting places, most new to us, but some familiar spots too. The beautiful Muskoka town of Parry Sound has a major claim to fame with Bobby Orr. But we have a more personal connection to it. Many years ago (back in the days of Kodak film) I photographed the town’s heritage railway station. That photo became the art work on the back cover of the album “Train Through a Northern Town”.  If you own that album, look closely at the back picture. So much has changed in our world since then. Film is gone, and sadly, most of the passenger trains too. But for today, at least, we can still visit the long abandoned waiting room.

Finally on the road!

After months of preparation, we finally left Vancouver on June 10, and have now arrived in beautiful southern Alberta. Enjoyed sleeping beside the Old Man River. If you are in Alberta this summer, take the chance to visit Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. Worth it, and fun just to say the words.

Beside the Old Man River

Beside the Old Man River

Encountering Our Tribe On The Road

Meeting our people at the ferry terminal.

Meeting our people at the ferry terminal.

When we arrived at the Tswawassen Ferry Terminal, we were alone in the boarding lane. When we returned to our vehicle, it had reproduced itself!  This has never happened before, so we were excited to meet the owners of a close duplicate of our trusty camping car we affectionately call “The Frontier Inn”.  It is the first time we have found a similar model with the two bunks along the rear.  We enjoyed meeting Steve and Nora, and seeing their wonderful custom touches to their home on wheels.  See you in Ontario!




What happens when roots bands actually go back to their roots??  Three local Vancouver indie bands are digging out their boots and putting the spurs to some of the influences that made them what they are today. This roundup brings together three alt/folk bands under one funky roof at East Van’s venerable WISE Hall. Willy Blizzard, The Honky Tonk Heroes, and The Bent Nails hit the stage May 11.