Home For The Holidays

What a long strange trip it’s been.

We are delighted to report our safe arrival back on the west coast of Canada.  Yes: it was raining as we approached Vancouver city limits.

We are thankful for the adventure that took us over 26,000 km. in our 32 year old truck. No air conditioning.  No cruise control.

From Vancouver to Cape Spear, Nfld., from Maine to Memphis, the Deep South, the Delta and the Coast we saw so many sights, met awesome people, stayed healthy, and explored the extremes of living small for six months (two people in a 19 foot truck).  Yowsa.

Thank you to all our friends who sent us encouraging messages on the road.

Merry Christmas to all our friends from Willy Blizzard.

3 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays

  1. Sylvia & Don

    Welcome back,
    If you are ever in Victoria, please do stop and visit. And if you need a place to stay, you are always welcome. We are hoping you will include Victoria and area on your next performance tour!
    Syl & Don

  2. Jeremiah McCaw Budnark

    Wishing you and yours all the best from your new friends in Ontario. Dave Jensen is regularly performing “Maritime Blue” and my duo ‘Jericho’ is having a ball with “I’m a Happy Man”. Royalties coming your way if we EVER manage to fund a CD.

    Hope you return this was at sometime.

    Merry Christmas to you all . . .

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